I finally finished another quilt and I LOVE it!

I have many hobbies but not much time to enjoy them so when I finally finish a project it's a huge accomplishment so I wanted to share it with you for my Make It Through Monday moment. You probably don't remember (it was almost three years ago!) when I tried Shabori for the first time and talked about it on the radio and posted a blog of pictures. I went back and read that blog, which you can do here, and literally laughed out loud at the line that said "I dyed lots more fabric that day and will probably make a quilt out of it so I'll be sure to report back with more photos once I have that completed (probably 5 years from now at the speed I work! hehe).

We'll it wasn't exactly five but almost three years later when I finally completed that Shabori quilt. It may take me awhile to complete projects but it's totally worth the hard work as I usually love them in the end. I'm obsessed with this Shabori quilt and so happy I finally finished it. I had some extra fabric left over so I decided to make a decorative pillow case too. Love how that turned out as well and can't wait to make a few more different styles. Hopefully it doesn't take me another three years to get that done! :) Hope you enjoy my pictures below from when I dyed the fabric to the final completed quilt on my bed.

Images: personal photos taken by me.