Hannah's weekend in five pictures!

This weekend flew by and once again I was super busy!  Are you starting to sense a pattern here?  It was full of such fun activities though that I'm super excited to share with you!  I'm sorry but I have no fun picture from Friday night as I ended up working super late.  I've just been so busy I needed some time to get caught up.  After work I went home and tried to get rested up for my big weekend because Saturday morning after my air shift I headed to a friend's house to try something new for the very first time: Shibori!  

You probably heard me talking on my show about how I was trying Shibori (fabric dyeing technique) for the first time ever and I was a little worried it wouldn't be a success, but I'm happy to report you can't make a "pinterest fail" meme out of me because it turned out great!!  I was so relieved! 

Here I am with my aunt Nancy, cousin Elizabeth, Grandma, Mom and friend Stephanie and we have our fabric ready to dye!  Look at all those different techniques!

You can use tons of different supplies to make different patterns like rubber bands, clothespins, tongue depressors, wooden shapes, rocks, etc. and they all turn out so different.  One of the best parts about Shibori is really not having a clue how it's going to turn out.  You use certain supplies in a certain way but in the end you really don't know exactly how it's going to look!

That's my friend Stephanie and I dyeing our fabric.  You have to submerge it in water first and then in this bucket of dye holding it under for a minimum of 5 minutes.  I'll be honest, there were times 5 minutes felt like a lifetime!  

So what do you think?!  We were so happy at how it turned out and I'm even happier to report I didn't turn my hands blue!!  I dyed lots more fabric that day and will probably make a quilt out of it so I'll be sure to report back with more photos once I have that completed (probably 5 years from now at the speed I work! hehe).

Thanks so much to Stephanie for having us over to do this super fun Shibori project!  Can't wait until the next time!

Saturday night I went out to dinner with some friends in Racine at a Japanese restaurant called Shogun.  It's one of those restaurants where they cook the food in front of you.  My aunt Jackie, our friend Jackie and me all have birthdays in June and I think the group wanted to celebrate at this restaurant but they put a hat on you and bang this super loud gong before singing and the three of us didn't want any part of that.  Luckily we got the birthday ice cream without the singing! 

(pictured left to right: Daen, Karla, aunt Jackie, me, friend Jackie (Felicia), Coco and Cindy)

Dinner was so good and the company was even better!  We had an early dinner so decided to go out for ice cream and a drink after dinner and came up with this crazy idea to "roadtrip" to Milwaukee.  They are big fans of Jenni Rivera, a singer/songwriter, actress, etc., who passed away in a plane crash in 2012.  They have these Jenni Rivera collectible tequila bottles that my friends are collecting but they aren't sold everywhere.  We got wind that Oklahoma Liquor in Milwaukee carries them and had a few bottles left so we hopped in the car and drove that way.  I swear we're not crazy we just didn't want to miss out on getting these commemorative bottles!  We're lucky we went right away that night because they only had a few bottles left!  

We had such a blast and we're laughing so much!  I always feel so great after hanging out with this group and once again I'm reminded of the amazing friends I have!  Hope you had a great weekend too and thanks for checking out my pictures! 

Images: my personal photos

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