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How Relaxed is your town?

If you know me, or really have even met me once, it's obvious that I'm not the most relaxed person in the world (possibly the exact opposite). Maybe, in that case, I should move to country's most chill city, Sunnyvale, California.

According to Lawn Starter, Sunnyvale takes the top prize in most relaxed city based on metrics like average length of workdays, number of spas, depression rates, leisure activity, sleep quality, and more.

Most relaxed cities:

  1. Sunnyvale, California, 68.83 out of 100
  2. San Francisco, California, 68.36
  3. Alexandria, Virginia, 67.51
  4. Naperville, Illinois, 67.29
  5. Fremont, California, 66.80
  6. San Jose, California, 66.13
  7. Seattle, Washington, 64.37
  8. Overland Park, Kansas, 64.28
  9. Bellevue, Washington, 64.10
  10. Irvine, California, 63.61

Least relaxed cities:

  1. Birmingham, Alabama, 40.52
  2. Augusta, Georgia, 40.13
  3. Dayton, Ohio, 40.08
  4. Killeen, Texas, 39.92
  5. Memphis, Tennessee, 39.78
  6. New Orleans, Louisiana, 39.51
  7. Jackson, Mississippi, 39.02
  8. Cleveland, Ohio, 38.25
  9. Shreveport, Louisiana, 36.29
  10. Detroit, Michigan, 33.80

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