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No Need to Play, We've Already Got The Winners

Now that Christmas, New Years, and the holiday season are over, is it too early to starting wishing for Spring Training? Technically, we've really only got a few weeks to go until Major League Baseball teams start setting up shop in Arizona, Florida, etc. MLB coaches, pitchers, and catchers generally report to their teams training facilities in mid-February and full Spring Training games start about two weeks later.

I'm not a huge baseball fan, but I do love a good brat or hot dog more than your average person. However, I do get jazzed up for Spring Training, cause it's usually a sign that warmer weather is around the corner.

Do you remember who won the World Series last year? How about the year before? neither! So, this will really blow your mind...Will Leitch from has laid it all out and predicted who will play in and WIN the next 10 World Series.

Click HERE to read the full are the predictions.

2023 - Dodgers over Blue Jays

2024 - Mets over Orioles

2025 - Giants over Yankees

2026 - Mariners over Cardinals

2027 - Yankees over Cubs

2028 - Orioles over Dodgers

2029 - Tigers over Braves

2030 - Angels over Phillies

2031 - Red Sox over Brewers

2032 - Guardians over Reds

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