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Hey, How Much for your Seven Swans-A-Swimming?

So, Christmas has come and you love all the gifts you got? If you got all of the items from the 12 Days of Christmas (you know, from the song), I hope you like it all, because whoever got you this gift is set back a lot...a lot!

According to PNC's annual Christmas Price Index, if you got all the items in the song, you're going to be set back more than $45,500!

Broken down, here's what we're talking about...

• One Partridge in a Pear Tree - $280.18

• Two Turtle Doves - $600

• Three French Hens - $318.75

• Four Calling Birds - $599.96

• Five Golden Rings - $1,245

• Six Geese a-Laying - $720

• Seven Swans a-Swimming - $13,124.93

• Eight Maids a-Milking - $58

• Nine Ladies Dancing - $8,308.12

• Ten Lords a-Leaping - $13,980

• Eleven Pipers Piping - $3,021.40

• Twelve Drummers Drumming - $3,266.93

And just like everything else, things this year are more expensive...these items are 10.5% more expensive than last year! Plus, you're going to need to feed those Seven Swan and Six Geese, and the twelve drummers are going to want some Hot Pockets!

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