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What's the Hardest College to get into?

I'd guess we're about at the time of the year that high school students are starting to think about ACTs, SATs, college applications and essays.

What do they say...have a dream school but also apply to a "safety school". I can certainly tell you that about a million years ago when I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do for college, my first choice school is a school I ended up not even applying for because I new I didn't have the scores to get in. For me, it's fine, I just spend my college days dreaming about being on the radio.

According to this story from CBS News, these are the hardest colleges and universities to get into (from the Niche's 2023 list): Number 50 on the list is Carleton College in Minnesota with a 21% acceptance rate. Number 45 is Emery with a 19% acceptance rate. Berkeley is #41 with a 17% acceptance rate. Notre Dame is #39, USC is #38, Georgetown is #37. We get into the top 20 with Cornell University's 11% acceptance rate.

Here's the top 10:

#10 - Brown University (8% acceptance rate)

#9 - Duke (8%)

#8 - Columbia University (7%)

#7 - University of Chicago (7%)

#6 - MIT (7%)

#5 - Yale (7%)

#4 - Cal Tech (7%)

#3 - Princeton (6%)

#2 - Stanford (5%)

#1 - Harvard (5%)

Click HERE to see the full list!

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