Where is Ted Lasso?

Unlike some stadiums which are pretty much used year-round with concerts and events...but aside from the rare giant concert (Garth Brooks, etc.) and occasional Badgers game, Lambeau Field doesn't host that much, other than Packers games.

The Packers announced earlier this week that a different kind of football is coming to Lambeau. In a social post, Packers President and CEO Mark Murphy wrote, "We are looking forward to hosting a different kind of football at Lambeau Field this summer as we welcome FC Bayern Munich & Manchester City to Green Bay. Our home stadium is renowned for its history and tradition and we're honored to host two equally historic clubs from across the pond".

I think that a stipulation for buying tickets is that you have to dress like Ted Lasso. Imagine, and entire stadium full of Ted Lassos or Coach Beards?!?

Photo: Getty

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