The English language has new words!

When I finished school, I really thought I wouldn't have to learn any more words...but alas, the Merriam-Webster Dictionary has added 455 words to our language! (I can't learn that many).

The way communicate today is the catalase for this first set of words, including TBH, which is an abbreviation for "to be honest". Another is deplatform, defined as being removed or banded for a mass communication platform like a social networking or blogging website. Digital nomad is defined as a person who's occupation is performed entirely over the internet while traveling.

Of course, the world in which we live gave way for several Coronavirus words including super-spreader, long Covid, and vaccine passport.

Others include dad bod, air fryer, and doorbell camera .

Check out the full list of 455 words by clicking HERE.

Photo: Getty

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