Triple DOINK?!?

Well, we're back to work on Monday morning after a pretty jam backed sports weekend in Wisconsin. If I didn't have two kids that want nothing other than Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on tv, I'm sure I would have been parked in front of the TV eating buffalo wings all weekend (I have a dream bubble over my head right now as I write this, imagining how glorious that would be!).

The Brewers kicked off the NLDS over the weekend against Atlanta with a win on Friday and one loss on Saturday......the best of FIVE series continues today at 12:07pm.

The Packers had their first NOON game of the year, which I nap time for my kiddos....It was the triple doink! What was mason Crosby’s deal this weekend? After hitting 27 straight field goals, he missed three within like 5 minutes, including a couple of chances to win before heading into OT and finally getting on thru, pack are 4-1 on the year and head to Chicago next Sunday

The struggling Wisconsin Badgers played the Fighting Illini on Saturday.

Photo: Getty

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