The iPhone 13

Here it comes! The iPhone 13 is reportedly going be here in a few weeks and it's all about

According to Forbes, the new iPhone will be released during the "third week of September places the iPhone 13 release between 13-17th. Historically Apple announces new iPhones on Tuesdays and launches them (pre-order) on Fridays."

So, what's new? The iPhone 13 Pro will have...wait for it...1 TB of storage, about double the storage of it's predecessor, which is great for people who do a lot of videos, videos editing, etc. The article notes, The biggest benefit of this for most users, however, is likely to be the trickle down effect with the potential of a 512GB mid-tier model. Considering 128GB was only introduced as the entry-level tier last year, I can’t see that changing but 128GB / 512GB / 1TB options have massive upsell potential at each price point."

CLICK HERE for the full Forbes article.

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