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The Best Christmas movie is...

Are you feeling that holiday spirit yet?

The day after Halloween, my wife got up early…so I walk downstairs and Michaela had already tossed up the Christmas tree! Lights and all…our 18 month-old was absolutely thrilled. it feels like everyone is so ready to dive into a holiday vibe. So we are cranking out the Christmas music now through Christmas day…Michaela was already watching Christmas movies this weekend.

So, the ever so controversial question…what are some great Xmas movies…what is the best one ever? Find me on Facebook or Twitter and chime in, what do you think is the best Christmas movie of all time?? or

In my humble opinion...from my view, these are the top 3 Christmas movies in the world.



THIRD PLACE: DIE HARD (Yes, I know...there is major disagreement about whether this is a Christmas movie or not!

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