Subway bread...not bread?

As if 2020 couldn't get any turns out that the bread at Subway, is not actually bread! Ok, wait, before you freak out, let's talk about why. According to CNN, an Irish court ruled that Subway loaves contain too much sugar to actually be called bread.

This leaves me with a few questions. First, is that going to stop me from enjoying a good foot long? Absolutely not! Second, what kind of time does this court have on it's hands that it takes up this as an actual case?!? Well, according to the article from CNN, "The judgment was handed down on Tuesday in response to a Subway franchisee who had appealed for a tax refund, arguing that its bread is a 'staple' food and therefore subject to a 0% tax rate". A five judge panel disagreed because of the sugar content.

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Photo: Getty