Louis Vuitton Covid-19 face shield costs how much??

So this is just life right now, we're all going to be wearing face masks for a while, so we want to look good....but maybe not this good!

Louis Vuitton's designer, 24k Gold mask runs for a cool a $980 dollars!

According to the Youtube channel The Lux Lifestyle, "Louis Vuitton has just unveiled one of the most luxurious face shields on the market. While newer shields opt for a technological edge when coming to market, the LV Shield Visor takes a more traditional and crafted approach to the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). The LV Shield Visor features engraved golden studs, a full Monogram strap and trim, and a full photochromatic visor that changes from clear to dark at the first sign of sunlight. The visor can also be flipped up to the top of the head to be worn like a cap. Priced at $7,500 HKD (approximately $968 USD), the Louis Vuitton LV Shield Visor is set to hit flagships at the end of October."

Photo: Getty