A lot have stars have used their quarantine to release some really creative work. Lots of artists have put new songs out, cool collaborations, while others have used streaming and social media entertain and to connect with fan. Actor Josh Gad, who you know from the Frozen Movies and Beauty And The Beast, started a cool YouTube/Zoom show called Reunited Apart with Josh Gad in which he reunites the stars of some of our favorite movies on a Zoom session to talk about the movie. Proceeds from the show go to charity. The most recent episode featured the stars of one the greatest John Hughes movies (and one of my favorite films, Ferris Buller’s Day Off. t features Ferris himself, Matthew Broderick, as well as his bestie Camron, Alan Ruck. It also features Mia Sara who played Sloan, and Ferris’ sister, Jennifer Grey. Check it out!

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