Do you lie about going to the gym?

So, I always like to be really honest on this blog, so I'll tell you I've done this before...I've gotten to the gym and realized I left my earbuds behind. Rather than just working out without music, I just took off. Have you done that? According to a new poll from SWNS Digital, 19% of people lie about going to the gym, 30% of people have skipped their workout because they forgot an "essential item" like sneakers or the aforementioned headphones.

Trying to impress someone with your gym commitment? 35% of people have lied about the gym because they were trying to impress someone!

I think these are pretty common, here are the reasons people skip the gym...

  • Too tired (58%)
  • Other things to do (51%)
  • Didn’t want to go (30%)
  • Made up an excuse (21%)
  • Spent too much time at work (21%)
  • Wanted to go home (19%) 

Check out the full poll by CLICKING HERE

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