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If you have one of these passwords - CHANGE IT!

With all the technology we surround ourselves with today, we've all got about a zillion different passwords to remember. A lot of workplaces, websites, and apps are now also changing password requirements so it's harder to hack in or guess passwords. So, now many passwords require a combo of letters and numbers, lower and up case, and special characters like question marks or exclamation points.

Even with these new requirements, people still tend to use really poor passwords and leave themselves open to be hacked. Splash Data has released it's annual list of the worst passwords. Topping this list again this year is the password 123456.

Here are the TOP 10 worst passwords of 2019:

10. 123123

9. 111111

8. iloveyou

7. 12345

6. 12345678

5. 1234567

4. password

3. qwerty

2. 123456789

1. 123456

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