How many hours of TV will you watch in your life?

I watch less TV than I used least I should say I watch less live TV, I stream or fast forward through DVR'd shows. LG Electronics recently did a poll about viewing habits and feels about TV and it revealed some very very interesting statistics. For example, did you know that in your lifetime (on average), you will watch 78 thousand hours of TV.

Here are some more...

  • We watch it for 3.5 hours daily
  • There’s plenty of variety, as we’ll have watched 11,278 different programs
  • The average household fights over the TV twice a week
  • We have at least two sets in each home
  • As for movies, we’ll view 3.639
  • TV episodes will rack up to 31,507 in our lifetime
  • We replace our TV about once every six years
  • What to watch is the biggest problem. The average adult will spend 2,943 hours of their life just deciding what to watch

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