Pringles "Thanksgiving" flavored chip kit!

Despite the snow and cold, we're still a few weeks away from THANKSGIVING (Thanksgiving, not Christmas)! So if you need a little help getting into the Thanksgiving spirit, maybe these new Pringles can help you! You can go to Kellogg's website and order your "Turdurken" kits. That's a kit that comes with turkey flavored chips, chicken flavored chips, duck flavored chips, stuffing flavored chips, cranberry sauce flavored chips, and even pumpkin pie flavored chips. Yes, this is real life! The concept of the kit is that you stack the chips in order to get the full spectrum of Thanksgiving flavors.

By the way, move quick, because last year, these sold out in 41 minutes. CLICK HERE to go to the Kellogg Online Store!


Photo: Getty

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