Worst MLB Stadium??

With this year's MLB season now officially in the books, I guess we can all save some money! If you made it out to Miller Park this season for a Brewers game, how much did you spend? According to Moneywise.com, it costs an average family around $235 to go to a Major League Baseball game. By the way, that's all-in with tickets, parking, food and drinks, and souvenirs.

So, with that kind of investment, you're going to want to get your money's worth. Forbes ranked all thirty Major League Baseball stadiums and I'm afraid to say, Miller Park did not fair well.

Miller Park ranked 17th overall with issues with how the game feels when the roof is closed (I love the stadium and think it's fun either way) and some obstructed view seating issues.

The WORST stadium, according to Forbes, is Tropicana Field, home of the Tampa Rays and the BEST is the home of the San Francisco Giants, AT&T Park.

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