What happened to you on a plane???

In a few months, my wife and I are taking out little guy on a plane for the first time. He'll be 9 months or so and we're thinking about giving the people sitting around us "sorry about our baby" prize bags with candy and ear plugs.

Aside from sitting next to a baby, which can be an adventure, what have you seen or heard on a airplane??

Check these crazy traveling stories on Buzzfeed:

  • "I saw someone hold their wet underwear up to dry them with the air vents."
  • "My husband saw a man pull a sandwich OUT OF HIS SHOE and eat it. The man reeked of onions the rest of the flight."
  • "I was sitting next to a man who I thought was fast-forwarding through all the sex scenes on the inflight entertainment, but I soon realized he was rewinding and replaying them over and over. It was extraordinarily creepy."
  • “The guy next to me smelled like he took a shower in cologne. He was joking with his friends seated around us that he had a bottle of cologne in his carry-on at security and they were making him throw it out, so he loaded on as much as he could before tossing the bottle."
  • "I saw a guy pick his nose and eat it for four hours straight while watching movies."
  • "I saw a guy pour vodka in his seat, light it on fire, and then sit on it to put it out. When police met the aircraft, he put up a fight and ended up with a bloody nose."
  • "I had the pleasure of sitting next to a woman who decided to floss for a good 15 minutes. Watching her food particles go flying onto the screen in front of her made me gag. So gross.

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