Ever quit a job because of a bad boss?

Before I start this story, for the record, I love me bosses...they're just the best!

This is a surprise, nearly have of workers say they've quit a gig because of a bad boss!

A new study conducted by Robert Half recently revealed that 49% of people say they have quit a job because they felt they had a "bad boss". According to the study, that number increases to 54% when you look at the 18-34 year old range.

The study also found that certain cities are more or less likely to have people leave a job for this reason!

Cities With The Most Workers Who Quit Because of a Bad Boss

1. Sacramento, CA

2. Tamp, FL (tie)

2. Miami, FL (tie)

3. Charlotte, NC (tie)

3. Seattle, WA (tie)

Cities With The Fewest Workers Who Quit Because of a Bad Boss

1. Minneapolis, MN

2. Atlanta, GA 

3. Boston (tie)

3. Philadelphia (tie) 

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