What ODD things do you do?

Ok, think about...what is something ODD that you do that you think nobody else does?

Someone on Reddit posed that question and the responses posted on Buzzfeed where GREAT!

  • "I see how far ahead I can walk with my eyes closed before I get freaked out and have to open them."
  • I have noticed I often sniff when I enter a room so I don't scare people by just talking out of nowhere."
  • "Talking to myself in gibberish when I'm doing something as though I were explaining what I'm doing."
  • "I walk fast. When it's a crowded place, I use hand gestures whenever another person gets in my way to tell them where I will go, like I point to the left and they automatically move to the right without any awkwardness
  • "Every time I shift into neutral, I wiggle the stick back and forth a bit as a sanity check."
  • "I throw up gang signs at my dog. Don't know why it started but I get a laugh out of it and my dog just likes the attention."
  • "Just before I'm about to write, sometimes I'll do this little circle thing in the air above the paper, like I'm revving the pen up before I use it."
  • "I make a valley out of pillows and blankets and sleep in the middle so I can koala hug something while laying on either side."
  • "I blow on my ice cream. I guess to cool it off? I'm not really sure. I wasn't even aware I was doing something weird until my girlfriend noticed and said, 'You know that's not hot right?'"
  • "I play with my ears, especially when they’re cold. I fold and scrunch them to fit them into the ear canal until they unfold and pop back into form." 

Too funny!!

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