Most expensive places to raise a family

Raising a family is not cheap, any parent can agree! According to 24/7 Wall Street, the average American family of four spends about $6,000 per month on housing, food, transportation, healthcare, childcare, taxes, etc.

So based on data from Economic Policy Institute, 24/7 Wall Street has determined the most expensive places to raise a family (based on a family of four). Topping the list is San Mateo County in California which includes parts of the San Francisco area and Palo Alto (which is home to Silicon Valley, Google, Facebook). In San Mateo, the average monthly cost of living is more than $13,000. Whoa!

Here's the crazy part of this, notice the top 10 below are ALL in either California or New York!

  1. San Mateo County, CA
  2. Marin County, CA
  3. San Francisco Country, CA
  4. Nassau County, NY
  5. New York County, NY
  6. Suffolk County, NY
  7. Putnam County, NY
  8. Rockland County, NY
  9. Queens County, NY
  10. Westchester County, NY 

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