Weirdest Jobs in each state

Lots of kids want to be doctors, firefighters, baseball players, or soccer players when they grow up. I've never met a kid who dreamed of growing up to become a professional scuba diving pizza deliveryman. BUT, in Florida, that is apparently a REAL JOB.

24/7 Wall Street reviewed job listing sites, online databases, and occupation data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to come up with the list of the weirdest jobs in each state!

  • In Michigan, you can become a furniture tester!
  • I can't imagine there is a huge waiting list for this gig, but in Kansas, you can become a dog food taster!

  • We can't be surprised about this, but in California, you can be a dog surfing instructor.
  • Wisconsin's weirdest job is floor sander. I also thought that would be part of a contractor's gig or something, but I guess not.

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