Jury says Katy Perry's got to pay up

Last week, we talked about the fact that a jury found that Katy Perry and her "Dark Horse" co-writers Dr. Luke and Max Martin had copied parts of the song from a Christian rap song called "Joyful Noise" by Marcus Gray. You can listen to them both below and see what you think.

Now, the penalty has been laid down as the jury has awarded Gary $2.8 million, a far cry from the $20 million the plaintiffs where asking for. The New York Times is reporting that of the $2.8 million, Katy would only owe a fraction of that, with the other writers and record label on the hook for the rest. Katy and the label lawyers are appealing the decision.

Either way, that's like 2 days of work on American Idol for Katy, so I doubt she's worried about paying her mortgage!


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