A new date for Halloween??

I really never thought much about the date of Halloween, other than the fact that it's my dad's birthday (so it always helps me to remember to get him a gift). Apparently , there is a movement of passionate people that feel Halloween should fall on the final Saturday of October, rather than on October 31st. The idea is to keep the day of the week consistent, like Thanksgiving always falling on a Thursday.

According to WPTV, The change.org petition was launched last year argues that moving the holiday to a Saturday would allow more parents to accompany kids during trick-or-treat. The other factor would be that people could go out and celebrate without worrying about getting up for work the next day.

Check out the petition here, they're getting close to their goal, although that doesn't really mean its anywhere close to being a reality. They've passed 76,000 signatures on their way to their goal new goal of 150k.

What do you think? Should it change??

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