An UBER Menu?

A few years ago, late one Saturday night in Chicago, I got into an Uber and the driver said to us "Welcome to most interactive Uber ever" and this guy had quite the set-up! From water bottles and candy to every type of phone charger you can think of, this guy had it all...including a breathalyzer that I'm sure was a hit to all his late night drunk riders.

Well, this guy in Alaska might have the best Uber, as it comes with a "Uber Menu", allowing you to choose the type of ride you'd like!

"The Road Rage Ride,"which allowed him to complain about other cars on the road.

“The Life Lessons Ride,”in which the driver provided his rider with pieces of advice.

“The Analyst Ride,”where the driver offers a “sympathetic ear” to help them with their problems.

“The Restaurant Ride,”where he offers suggestions and recommendations on where to go to eat.

“The Simon and Garfunkel Ride,”– this offers “Sounds of Silence” meaning, a no-talking ride. 

Too funny, check out the full story HERE!

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