Game of Thrones BREAKS the Emmys

Game of Thrones has been a cultural phenomenon. As the show came to an end earlier this year, it was virtually all people were talking about. People could not stop talking about the accidental Starbucks up in one of the shots, the unbelievable amount of nudity, and of course, the very polarizing ending.

Now, you can add one more to that list...Game of Thrones has broken the Emmys! Broken an Emmy record that is. Thrones has broken the record for most Emmy nominations for a single season with 32. The nominations were announced on Tuesday morning in LA. NYPD Blue was the record holder prior to Throne's takeover!

I may take some flack for this, but I have never seen a single episode of the show, is it too late for me?

So, we'll see how many of those 32 they win when the Emmy's are handed out at The Microsoft Theater in Hollywood on September 22nd.

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