10 Common Wedding Superstitions.

My wife Michaela and I just recently celebrated our wedding anniversary. When we first got engage, in fact...before we were even officially engage, we decided that for our wedding, we wanted to do it our own way, and we were not going to abide by anyone's traditions or practices. In fact, we picked and adjusted to best fit us. We didn't spend the night before in different places, but we did choose not to see each other the morning of the wedding.

From Yahoo! Lifestyle, here are 10 common wedding superstitions.

  1. Not seeing each other before the ceremony
  2. Burying Bourbon at the ceremony site (we rented a house in Wind Lake, so that was not an option for us)
  3. Using Your married name before the wedding
  4. Rain on the wedding day
  5. Wearing a veil
  6. Getting knives as a wedding gift
  7. Something old, new, borrowed, and blue
  8. Carrying the bride of the threshold of your new home (we had already been living in our new home for nearly a year before we got married)
  9. Ringing bells before the ceremony
  10. Crying a wedding day (I had some happy tears)

Click HERE to find out the origin of these superstitions. So, what superstitions or traditions did you use or toss out?

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