Want to have lunch?

A new study reported on by YAHOO! NEWS was really surprising to me. Before I jump into these stats, let me say I love lunch, it's my favorite meal of the day, especially during the work week. I work hard all day and I look forward to getting out of the office for 35-45 minutes, reset my self, eat some food, take my mind off work. Then I roll back and hit work hard til the end of the day.

This study indicated that Millennial are more likely than Baby Boomer to be "lunch shamed" (I'm almost 38 years old, so I'm kind of in no-man's land in terms of my generation). They feel like they will be looked upon negatively at work if they took time to stop for a lunch break.

In fact, 37% said they don't feel empowered to stop for a lunch break.

44% said they look forward to lunch. I don't get it, I thought 100% of people looked forward to a lunch break, maybe that means I look forward to it more than the average person (it's possible).

What do you think?

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