My son really loves his Mamma!

Yesterday, my son Lennon turned six weeks! It's my wife Michaela and my first child and we're certainly learning as we're going. One thing we've learned very quickly is that Lennon, although he loves me, is absolutely the most happy when he's in his mom's arms! Michaela found the video below of a little one not too much older than Lennon who was crying and inconsolable...UNTIL he was given an article of his mom's clothing. Just watch with the amazing speed that this kid goes from frantic and completely content as soon as he get's mom's laundry! Under the video, CHECK OUT THE PICTURES...we decided to try in yesterday!


Michaela had an appointment yesterday afternoon and we decided to give it a try. When Lennon got fussy, I gave him a shirt that she was wearing earlier in the day...

About two minutes after grabbing onto Mommy's shirt....

He's OUT!

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