Martin Scorsese's daughter sets up a Go-Fund-Me Page

Please file this one under: Shaking My Head So HARD!

Apparently, the daughter of Martin Scoresese, one of the most prolific and successful directors of all time (Goodfellas is in my top 5 favorite movies) set up a Go Fund Me page to raise money from strangers to fix damage to her Brooklyn New York apartment after an upstairs neighbor's toilet over flowed.


Go Fund Me is for people who really need help, not the adult children on multi-millionaire directors. The page has apparently been taken down (with little success) but Catherine Scoresese is quoted as saying that if she's going to ask her famous father for a favor, it's going to be to fix her up with Chris Evens. Yeah, that did not make it better. SMH!

CLICK HERE for the full story.

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