Keenan goes PRIME TIME!

When comedians find success on Saturday Night Live, they often find themselves with movie careers or Prime Time network shows. Keenan Thompson, at 16 seasons, is the longest tenured cast member on SNL (both currently and in the history of the show). For years, each season's end have brought rumors that Keenan would leave the show. In THIS Huffington Post article, it is confirmed that not only is he RETURNING for the next season of the show, he'll also be getting his own prime time show in NBC. According to the article, "NBC announced Friday that it was picking up a single-camera family comedy titled “The Kenan Show,” written by Jackie Clarke and due out next season. Thompson stars as a newly widowed father who is now tasked with raising his kids alongside his father-in-law."

Love it, this guys is so talented!

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