He's not Prince Archie

The world waited as the birth of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's new baby was born. Then, the world sat on pins and needles waiting for the announcement on the gender of the kid. Finally, the world could not seem to concentrate on their own lives (please read with a ting of sarcasm) to hear the little boy's name.

Finally, we met Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor.

It's a very British, regal sounding name, but one thing that many people noticed, was a lack of an official sounding royal title, like prince, earl, or dude. Prince William's children are known as Prince George of Cambridge, Prince Louis of Cambridge, and Princess Charlotte of Cambridge. While Archie is very royal indeed, (he is now officially 7th in line for the thrown of the United Kingdom), at this point it looks like he will not have a royal title.

So why are Harry and Meghan forgoing his title? According to THIS TIME MAGAZINE article, Archie "is technically supposed to take on his father's earldom, according to Marlene Koenig, an author and expert on British and European royalty." According to Koenig in the same article, "This is just their attitude that they want a normal life for their children". As a new father myself, I get that!

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