The Fraiser Reboot is a GO!

Frasier is coming back! Kelsey Grammer has been making his way around the interview circuit and all but made it official that his beloved character FRASIER is coming back once again. He's been quoted saying this is new show will be a "where is he now" and not just a continuation of where the sitcom left off back in 2004 after 11 years. Frasier was originally supposed to be a character for a 6-episode arc on Cheers, but then became of of the series regulars until the show went off the air in 1993.

Now it all seems to be reality as Grammer was caught with a FRASIER script by the Daily Mirror, check it out by CLICKING HERE.

And since we're all jazzed up about Dr. Crane coming back, let's enjoy some Fraiser bloopers!

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