Who's really running the Royals' Instagram?

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry broke with Royal tradition when they started their first official Instagram account and fans were pretty excited as they broke a record for fastest account to reach 1 million followers. A lot of celebrities have a staff or assistants that do the actual work of posting pictures and messages, but some Markle fans seem to be examining the account closely are are convinced that it's Meghan herself posting. This leads me to the conclusion that a lot of people have too much time of their hands!

According toTHIS AOL article:

"The main reason for the suspicion is due to one defining characteristic about Meghan that sets her apart from the rest of the royal family -- she's American. Many fans have pointed out that, throughout some of the page's recent posts, the American spelling of words are used. While Americans spell words like organization and energized with the letter z, British folk spell those same words with an s."

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