How much are The Brewers WORTH?

So we know that major league sports are big business and big money, but how much are we really talking? According to the annual list done by Forbes, the Yankees have topped the list every year since they started keeping track in 1998.

According to the article (that you can see HERE), "The New York Yankees are the most valuable team ($4.6 billion) and had local revenue of $712 million last year, the most in MLB and more than the bottom six teams (Miami Marlins, Tampa Bay Rays, Oakland Athletics, Kansas City Royals, Cincinnati Reds and Baltimore Orioles) had combined. The Dodgers ($3.3 billion), Boston Red Sox ($3.2 billion), Chicago Cubs ($3.1 billion) and San Francisco Giants ($3 billion) round out the list of teams worth at least $3 billion."

So where do the BREWERS come in? Sadly, we're near the bottom, but's A LOT of money. The CREW are 7th from the bottom, with a value of about $117,500,000!

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