7/6: Semisonic

Summerfest U.S. Cellular® Connection Stage with 95.7 BIG FM

July 6 - Semisonic

Semisonic formed in 1992 when Minneapolis natives Dan Wilson and John Munson, former members of Trip Shakespeare, teamed up with drummer Jacob Slichter. From 1995 to 2001, the band released four recordings –The Pleasure EP,Great Divide,Feeling Strangely FineandAll About Chemistry– and toured the globe. Feeling Strangely Fine sold over two million copies worldwide and remains a touchstone of late-90’s alternative rock. “Closing Time,” the band’s biggest hit, for which they received a Grammy nomination, was ubiquitous around the world and remains a familiar and recurrent radio presence in many countries. “Secret Smile,” which became a chart-topping single in UK and Europe a year after the album’s release in the US, is equally long-lived.

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