88 year-old McDonald's worker serves up "happy meals"

Wouldn't it be great if everyone could love their job this much? 88-year-old Art Mason from Wayzetta, Minnesota (near Minneapolis) is finally retiring this year...for the SECOND time. He used to work in a factory and retired for the first time when he was around 60. Art said, “It was good – for three months (but) then I was bored to death.” The manager at his local McDonald's told him they were short-staffed and asked if Art would like to fill in for a couple weeks. Those couple of weeks turned into 29 YEARS working the McDonald's drive-thru. Not only has he outlasted every other employee...including all the managers...but also the original owners!

Art says he likes the drive-thru because he's a big people person. He loves interacting with all the customers and they love him too. People drive from miles around to see him. One of them recently made him a scarf so he wouldn't get cold sitting by the drive-thru window. Other customers have added to Art’s pin collection for his ever-present ball cap...which is covered with them. Art estimates he’s taken home more than a thousand from destinations around the world Art’s where customers have visited.

He says he really doesn't want to retire yet but he's got more aches and pains than he used to, so he thinks it's finally time. His last day is May 10th, just a few days before his 89th birthday. 

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