6:40am Morning Mindbender Answers


Delaware is the only state where you can’t do this.  What is it?

ANSWER: Fly in or out on a commercial airline (only on a private plane)


The average person will acquire 9 of these over the next 2 months.  What are they?

ANSWER: Extra pounds


There are currently 11 of these in the U.S. although they each serve a specific area of the country.  What are they?

 ANSWER: Oscar Mayer Weinermobiles


This is America’s biggest import.  What is it?

ANSWER: Vehicles (Our biggest export is Planes, helicopters and spacecraft)


If you live in Minnesota, you’re more likely to do this than people in any other state.  What is it?

ANSWER: Vote (70% of eligible Minnesota voters cast a ballet in the last major election…in Nevada only 49% did)


This movie has the longest span between the original and its sequel.  Which is it?

ANSWER: Bambi (Bambi 2 was released 64 years later)


The Census Bureau says Americans did this twice a week 90 years ago…..nowadays we do it 5 times a year on average.  What is it?

ANSWER: Go to the movies


A poll of Millenials revealed that 70% would take a pay cut at work if they were allowed to do this.  What is it?

ANSWER: Bring their dog to work


Single women are more than twice as likely to buy this as single men are. What is it?

ANSWER: A house. 17 percent of home buyers in 2015 were single women, seven percent were single men.


One in every 30 children born in the US in 2017 has one of these.  What is it? 

ANSWER: A twin


Over a fifth of Americans practice this superstition making it the most popular one.  What is it?

ANSWER: Knocking on wood (for good luck)


Only 7 percent of American workers say they would do THIS if their boss asked them to.  What is it?

ANSWER: Give up their social media passwords


Over 1 in 10 new parents intend to break tradition by doing this…what is it?

ANSWER: Hyphenate their baby’s last name.


A new survey revealed that over 1/3 of us “usually” or “always” do this when making a purchase at a grocery or convenience store…what is it?

ANSWER: Put cash in a donation container at the checkout.


The two most visited homes in the U.S. are the White House and which other?

ANSWER: Graceland


In Chesapeake, Virginia, it’s illegal for kids over 12 to do what?

ANSWER: Trick or Treat. It’s a misdemeanor that carries a $100 fine and 6 months in jail.


This is the most popular tattoo design for women over 40…what is it?



There are more of these restaurants in China than in the United States.  Which is it?

ANSWER: Kentucky Fried Chicken. 4,563 KFCs in China vs 4,491 in America.


Surprisingly, men are nearly three times as likely as women to make this mistake when shopping.  What is that?

ANSWER: Shopping while drunk. 13 percent of men and four percent of women say they've gone “drunk shopping.”


In one state you could be arrested for wearing this Halloween costume.  What is it?

ANSWER: A priest. In Alabama it’s considered “impersonating a clergyman” which is a misdemeanor.


Almost 20% of Americans confess to engaging this questionable behavior…usually late at night.  What is it?

ANSWER: Grabbing something from their neighbor’s trash


Women are twice as likely as men to do this in a store.   What is it?

ANSWER: Check prices online


8% of Americans say they’ve never had one of these.  What is it?

 ANSWER: A cold


According to a new survey, almost 10% of us never bring this with us when we leave the house.  What is it?



A fifth of Americans swear that they NEVER do this although 6% of people admit to doing it every single day.  What is it?

ANSWER: Tell a lie


General Motors conducted a survey and discovered that over a third of people do this to their vehicles.  What is it?

ANSWER: Give them a name


A survey of Americans found that more than 3 quarters of us eat this food at least once per month.  What is it?

ANSWER: Tacos (more than 95% of us say we like them)


This year $14 Billion will be spent worldwide on this technology that didn’t exist a decade ago.  What is it?

ANSWER: 3-D Printing


If you’ve got an extra 50 bucks, you can buy $10,000 worth of this from the federal government.  What is it?

 ANSWER: A bag of finely shredded cash. The U.S. Bureau of Engraving sells bags of $10,000 in shredded bills to the public.


Are you one of the 3 percent of Americans who’ve admitted to eating their dinner in this unusual spot?  Where is it?

ANSWER: In the bathtub or shower


Although their boss would probably frown upon it, over a third of people still do this at work.  What is it?

ANSWER: Watch Netflix


According to a recent survey, one in three men don't know this fact about their wife or partner. What is it?

ANSWER: Their favorite color


42% of employees claim that their boss can’t do this.  What is it?

ANSWER: Their job.


According to CarInsurance.com, only 56 percent of American drivers can say this. What is it?

ANSWER: They passed their driving test on the first try. (Women were slightly more likely to pass than men.)


Almost a fifth of us have secretly done this while visiting another person’s home.  What is it?

ANSWER: Change the direction of the toilet paper roll


Sad but true…almost a third of managers say this would disqualify a candidate in a job interview.  What is it?

ANSWER: Bad breath

THURSDAY, September 20

In California, employers are required to give workers 2 hours of paid time for this.  What is it?

ANSWER: Voting

WEDNESDAY, September 19

A survey of thousands of women revealed that more than 80% always do this before they leave the house.  What is it?

ANSWER: Look at themselves in the mirror

TUESDAY, September 18

Over 3 quarters of Americans have a list of these but only 3% ever complete it.  What’s on their list?

ANSWER: Places they want to travel

MONDAY, September 17

6.5 million Americans do this every day before 5am (including Murphy & Meg.)  What is it?

ANSWER: Leave for work

FRIDAY, September 7

This was introduced in the 1930’s as a cleaning product but these days it feels like we spend more time cleaning it up.  What is it?

ANSWER: Play-Doh (first used to clean coal dust from wallpaper)

THURSDAY, September 6

This year, about 1 in 4 people have deleted this from their phone. What is it?

ANSWER: Their Facebook App

WEDNESDAY, September 5

About one in six drivers have one of these in the car right now -- although they probably shouldn't.  What is it?

ANSWER: A lit warning light

TUESDAY, September 4

Only about one in eight elementary school kids does this on a daily basis but in the '70s and '80s, it was closer to 50%. What is it?

ANSWER: Walk to school.  Most parents cite distance as the issue, although safety is also high on the list.

FRIDAY, August 31

Just over half of Americans say they never purchase this for a vacation although they admit that they probably should…what is it?

ANSWER: Travel Insurance

THURSDAY, August 30

Three quarters of women say that they get suspicious when a man does this…what is it?

ANSWER: Send Flowers

WEDNESDAY, August 29

There are 2 jobs in the U.S. where 95% of the workforce is female…one is dental hygienist…what is the other?

ANSWER: Kindergarten Teacher

TUESDAY, August 28

Over half of Americans think more highly of a co-worker who does this…what is it?

ANSWER: Brings donuts to work

MONDAY, August 27

A USA Today poll revealed that 1% of Americans do THIS with some or all of their savings instead of depositing it in the bank…what is it?

ANSWER: Give it to a friend or relative for safe keeping (because they don’t trust themselves with their own money!)

FRIDAY, August 24

Just over half of all elementary school kids will be bringing one of these to school this year.  What are they?

ANSWER: Smartphones

THURSDAY, August 23

Almost two thirds of women claim they’d never commit this fashion faux pas but only a third of men say they wouldn’t do it…what is it?

ANSWER: Wear socks with sandals

WEDNESDAY, August 22

We recently revealed that phone chargers are the number one thing people leave behind in hotel rooms…what is number two?

ANSWER: Underwear

TUESDAY, August 21

Almost a third of people claim to possess this skill. What is it?

ANSWER: The ability to play a musical instrument

MONDAY, August 20

According to a recent survey, one in five Americans say they've NEVER done this, while one in 10 people say they do almost every day. What is it?

ANSWER: Post a photo online

FRIDAY, August 17th

For Americans, this is the number one food we post on social media. What is it?


THURSDAY, August 16th

About 20% of American women has visited one of these in this year -- but only about one in 5% of guys can say the same. What is it?

ANSWER: A tanning salon

WEDNESDAY, August 15th

Over a third of us have committed this fashion faux pas at least once – and men just as likely to do as women.  What is it?

ANSWER: Forgetting to remove a price tag from our clothes

TUESDAY, August 14th

Georgia was the first state to do this back in 1943.  What is it?

ANSWER: Lower the voting age from 21 to 18

MONDAY, August 13th

Most of us deal with this modern problem within a week, but 13 percent of us deal with it for a full year before we decide to do something about it. What is it?

ANSWER: A broken smartphone screen

FRIDAY, August 10th

One in 6 of us have lost this on our Summer vacation.  What is it?

ANSWER: Cell Phone Charger

THURSDAY, August 9th

Almost a third of women say that THIS is the most important thing they do all day.  What is it?

ANSWER: Put on makeup


You’re most likely to do this at work on a Wednesday.  What is it?

ANSWER: Fall asleep

TUESDAY, August 7

This common item, which many of us use on a regular basis, was invented in the early 1800’s as a way to punish English prisoners.  What is it?

ANSWER: A treadmill

MONDAY, August 6

Each day Americans throw away over a quarter of a million of these valuable items…what are they?

ANSWER: Pennies (about 328,000 are discarded each day amounting to over $1 Million per year!)

FRIDAY, August 3

The typical newlywed couple has 125 of these. What are they?

ANSWER:  Items on their wedding registry

THURSDAY, August 2

You're most likely to find one of these in a workplace in Toledo, Ohio…what are they?

ANSWER: Robots


In the ‘90s, people hung on to one of these for an average of 7 years…these days it’s closer to 4 years…What is it?

ANSWER: A job.

TUESDAY, July 31st

A survey by a consumer research group revealed that 60 percent of Millennials don't like using this because they think it's not hygienic. What is it?

ANSWER: Bar soap. Under-30s are ditching old fashioned soap for the liquid kind.

MONDAY, July 30th

Over half of men have committed this faux pas but just less than a quarter of women admitted they’ve done the same…what is it?

ANSWER: Forgotten their significant other’s birthday

FRIDAY, July 27th

Iowa has the fewest of these while Massachusetts has the most.  What are they?

ANSWER: Official State Items (ie: State Flower, bird, etc.)

THURSDAY, July 26th

Almost a quarter of single women said this would be a relationship “deal breaker” for them…what is it?

ANSWER: Dating a guy who earned less than them

WEDNESDAY, July 25th

45% percent of people blame THIS for their weight gain.  What is it?

ANSWER: Their job

TUESDAY, July 24th

In Portugal, McDonald’s serves 10 varieties of what?


MONDAY, July 23rd

Alaska and Hawaii are the only 2 states where this has never happened.  What is it?

 ANSWER: The temperature has reached above 100 degrees.  (Believe it or not, every other state has had high temperatures of at least 105)

FRIDAY, July 20th

Almost half of people have this on their bucket list.  What is it?

ANSWER: To ride in a hot air balloon

THURSDAY, July 19th

Just over half of 30 year-olds can say they've ever done this.  What is it?

ANSWER: Get married (in 1978, 90% of 30 year-olds had been married)

WEDNESDAY, July 18th

Orlando, Florida has more of these per capita than any other city in America.  What are they?

ANSWER: Food trucks (LA and New York City have more in total, but Orlando has the most per person.)

TUESDAY, July 17th

99% of wives reported that they do not like seeing their husbands in what?

ANSWER: A Speedo


More than 3 Quarters of us LOVE the smell of this but the rest of us think it stinks…what are we smelling?

ANSWER: The Ocean


Most American homes have at least one of these, but more than two-thirds of them no longer work. What are they?

ANSWER: Air Fresheners


New Mexico is the cheapest place in America to do this, with New York being the most expensive. What is it?

ANSWER: Get Married (The average NYC wedding costs about $72,000, while tying the knot in New Mexico will run about $17,500.)


According to the Census Bureau more than a million Americans don’t have this modern convenience in their homes.  What is it?

ANSWER: An indoor toilet


Since the year 2000, the average age of people who enjoy this activity has gotten 10 years younger.  What is it?

ANSWER: Going on a cruise


87 percent of Americans have this in their homes but people in the New England region of the US are least likely.  What is it?

ANSWER: Air Conditioning


Close to a quarter of people never use this.  What is it?

ANSWER: Deodorant


In China, it’s illegal to use this in an advertisement.  What is it?

ANSWER: A pun…..the government thinks puns and other wordplay can lead to, "cultural and linguistic chaos."


The United States shares this in common with 19 other countries in the world – something which we'll take particular note of this week. What is it?

ANSWER: A red, white and blue flag.


The guy who invented these very popular items sold his stake in the company for only 50 grand in 1997 and now says he regrets inventing them in the first place because they’re terrible for the environment.  What are they?

ANSWER: Keurig K-cups


Almost a third of married people say they don’t even share this with their spouse! What is it?

ANSWER: Their ATM PIN Number


A study revealed that loud music can cause people to do what?

ANSWER: Order unhealthy food


A recent survey revealed that 2 percent of women wear THIS to bed each night.  What is it?

ANSWER: Makeup


Americans make 850 million visits to this type of attraction every year.  What is it?

ANSWER: A Museum


People in Mississippi have less of this than people in any other state.  What is it?

ANSWER: Credit Card Debt.  The average Mississippian owes about $2,000 which is $1,100 below the national average.


Only 2 countries in the world have none of these but I’m sure we’d happily share some of ours with them if we could.  What are they?

ANSWER: Mosquitoes.  The climate is too variable and harsh for mosquitoes in Iceland and the Faroe Islands.


Four percent of Americans say this would be the best place to meet their next romantic partner.  Where is it?

ANSWER: The gym.  That many not sound like many, but it's more than the number who'd like to be set up by family members, which got a thumbs up from just three percent.


This perk was added to some cars in 1939 but was discontinued only two years later because it was too expensive for most consumers.  What is it?

ANSWER: Air conditioning.  It was then called "weather conditioning" and added $275 to the price of a $800 car.


Over half of millennials expect to accomplish this in their lifetime.  What is it?

ANSWER: Become a millionaire


1 in 8 Americans buy this every single day – while just over 40 percent say they never buy it at all.  What is it?

 ANSWER: Bottled water


America imported about $4 million worth of these last year -- 94 percent of them from China. What are they?

ANSWER: American Flags. President Obama signed a law saying that all flags purchased by the U.S. government must be made in the USA, but consumers aren't obligated.


The longest one of these lasted 8 hours and 6 minutes over a 2 day period.

ANSWER: A Major League Baseball Game (The Chicago White Sox vs. The Milwaukee Brewers at Comiskey Park on May 8, 1984.  The game was suspended at the top of the 18th inning for a rest and resumed on May 9, 1984 for a total of 25 innings!)


70 years ago today the New York Yankees retired Babe Ruth’s number.  After his retirement from baseball in 1937, he unsuccessfully sought a job doing what?

ANSWER: A Radio Play by Play Commentator


Approximately 80% of all retirees from this profession go broke within 3 years. What is it?



Over a quarter of Major League Baseball players share this trait -- but only half as many average Americans do. What is it?

ANSWER: Left-handedness


Almost 25 years ago there were only 643 of these, now there are somewhere around a billion!  What are they?

ANSWER: Websites


Kids in Japan do this more than children in any other country, including the U.S.  What is it?

ANSWER: Attend school (The Japanese school year is 243 days vs. 180 in the U.S.)


Around 15% of people have eaten this at least once in their life, probably wouldn't admit it. What is it?

ANSWER: An entire cake


A recent survey of married couples revealed that over a quarter of spouses have demanded that their partner stop doing this in the morning.  What is it?

ANSWER: Hitting the alarm clock snooze


A survey revealed that almost a quarter of Americans almost always add THIS to their food when they can.  What is it?

ANSWER: Cheese (It’s National Cheese Day)


New Yorkers are most likely to complain on social media about this summertime annoyance than anyone else in the world.  What is it?

ANSWER: Mosquitos


Almost a quarter of people say this is the first thing they do when they get home from work. What is it?

ANSWER: Adjust the thermostat


Almost a third of couples admit to arguing about this at least once a week. What is it?

ANSWER: What’s for dinner


Will Power won the Indy 500 over the weekend but the first winner of the race in 1911 invented this item that can be found in most vehicles on the road today.  What is it?

ANSWER: A rear view mirror


When it comes to travel, if you’ve never done THIS, you’re not alone.  1 in 10 people haven’t done it either.  What is it?

ANSWER: Leave Wisconsin


A recent survey revealed America’s most-loved brand.  What is it?

ANSWER: Google (#2 Hershey’s  #3 Pillsbury  #4 Amazon tied with UPS)


Most of us do this as part of our morning routine, however, women are three times as likely to do it more than once a day.  What is it?

ANSWER: Apply deodorant


If you were to ask a woman for this, 1 in 4 could give you one from their purse. What is it?

ANSWER: A mint

Monday, May 21

The average one of these costs 4 times what it did 25 years ago, yet is half the size. What is it?

ANSWER: A bikini

Friday, May 18

According to a recent survey, almost a third of high school girls admitted to doing this. What is it?

ANSWER: Asking someone to prom. Most waited to be asked but an increasing number are doing the asking.

Thursday, May 17

People in South Korea do this online more than people in any other country in the world -- 10 times more often than Americans…What is it?

ANSWER: buy groceries

Wednesday, May 16

The bestselling publication of all time is the Bible but THIS is the most distributed publication each year…What is it?

ANSWER: The IKEA Catalog.  Over 200 million copies of the companies phone book sized catalog are published and distributed worldwide in 12 different languages!

Tuesday, May 15

AirBnB has millions of listings around the world, including 3000 or so “special requests” from people who want to do this. What is it?

ANSWER: Stay in an actual castle

Monday, May 14

According to a survey, just over half of people do this after making a large purchase.  What is it?

ANSWER: Regret it.  A quarter of them within an hour!

Friday, May 11

A survey revealed that 15% of people are planning to celebrate Mother’s Day by doing this for Mom…what is it?

ANSWER: Post Mother’s Day wishes on Facebook

Thursday, May 10

One in 3 women have admitted to hiding this purchase from their significant other…what is it?

ANSWER: A pair of shoes

Wednesday, May 9

Over a third of American workers admit to feeling guilty when they do this…what is it?

ANSWER: Go on vacation

Tuesday, May 8

Experts say we should ALL do this as part of our bedtime routine but only about 60% of us do…what is it?

ANSWER: Take a shower

Monday, May 7

People in North America drink more of this than in any other part of the world…what is it?

ANSWER: Orange Juice

Friday, May 4

New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art has more than 250,000 of these, although only a few are on display. What are they?

ANSWER: Baseball Cards

Thursday, May 3

Americans own about about half as many of these as they did a couple of decades ago when they had about 1.3 BILLION of them.  What are they?

ANSWER: Credit Cards

Wednesday, May 2

39 million of us have one of these around the house which is twice as many as a year ago…what is it?

ANSWER: A smart speaker…like an Amazon Echo or Google Home

Tuesday, May 1

Over half of people who do this, say they need to take a shower immediately afterwards.

ANSWER: Take a bath…to rinse off dirty water residue

Monday, April 30

Experts say if you don’t want to attract mosquitos this summer, you should probably avoid this…what is it? 

ANSWER: Alcohol!  Researchers found that drinking beer raises body temperature causing people to sweat more, both known to be mosquito magnets.

Friday, April 27

Almost a third of men admit to fearing this…what is it? 

ANSWER: Dancing in public

Thursday, April 26

A survey of Americans revealed that almost a quarter of people wouldn’t accept a job if it required them to do what? 

ANSWER: Take a drug test

Wednesday, April 25

A survey revealed that almost a third of men who have done THIS, hid it from their spouse…what is it? 

ANSWER: Gotten a traffic ticket

Tuesday, April 24

Just under a tenth of us are willing to do this for a friend.   What is it? 

ANSWER: Let them stay with us indefinitely!  22% of us would give them up to a week.

Monday, April 23

Over half of us volunteer because we want to help others.  Three percent, however, say they do it for this reason.   What is it? 

ANSWER:  Out of guilt!

Friday, April 20

Studies prove that on any given day, 20% of us will forget this…What is it? 

ANSWER: What day it is!

Thursday, April 19

The average mom says this at least twice a week or 120 times per year…What is it? 

ANSWER: Clean your room!

Wednesday, April 18

90% of us use one of these on a daily basis…What is it? 

ANSWER: A seat belt

Tuesday, April 17

According to a recent Insurance.com survey, almost a third of drivers have made this boneheaded move at least once. What is it? 

ANSWER: Driven away with something on their roof

Monday, April 16

Just a few years ago, these didn’t exist but recently some high schoolers have been spending hundreds of dollars on these…what are they?

ANSWER: Promposals – intricate invitations to Prom

Friday, April 13

Just over half of men will give this to anyone who asks but only a third of women will do the same…what is it?

ANSWER: Their Social Security number!

Thursday, April 12

Over two thirds of people have a favorite one of these…what is it?

ANSWER: A cup or a mug.  

Wednesday, April 11

A survey reveals that almost a third of high school students say they "frequently" use their smart phones for this purpose. What is it?

ANSWER: Cheating on a test.  

Tuesday, April 10

According to a Pew Research poll, just over a third of us “inherit” this from a parent. What is it?

ANSWER: A political party or affiliation.  The number is the same for Democrats and Republicans.

Monday, April 9

You’re most likely to find one in Massachusetts and least likely in Mississippi…what is it?

ANSWER: A Doctor.  Massachusetts has the most physicians per capita -- more than twice as many, on average, as Mississippi.

Friday, April 6

A new survey reveals that just over 10% would rather receive this news via text or instant message…what is it?

ANSWER: That they’ve been fired!  12.5% would rather get a text or instant message than receive the news face-to-face or even over the phone!

Thursday, April 5

Despite scientific proof to the contrary, 2% of Americans surveyed still hold this belief…what is it?

ANSWER: That the world is flat!  14% of people have their doubts that Earth is round or aren’t sure.

Wednesday, April 4

Over a third of kids ignore their parents when asked to do this…what is it?

ANSWER: Accept their “Friend Request” on Facebook

Tuesday, April 3

According to a survey, people said THIS was the most offensive smell…what is it?


Monday, April 2

A new study revealed that doing this for just 20 minutes can make you feel 21% better…what is it?

ANSWER: Attending a concert…20 minutes at a show is better than doing yoga or walking your dog

Friday, March 30

In the ‘70s, there were more than half-a-million of these across the U.S. but by the ‘80s, they were almost completely gone…what are they?

ANSWER: Pay Toilets

Thursday, March 29

According to a employment survey, more than 30% of women never take advantage of this workplace perk when it’s available…but 90% of men always do…what is it?

ANSWER: Submitting for reimbursement of expenses (expense report)

Wednesday, March 28

At any given time, 96% of U.S. homes contain this food.  What is it?

ANSWER: Ketchup

Tuesday, March 27

Only 4% of people are still doing what since the beginning of the year?

ANSWER: Keeping their New Year’s Resolutions

Monday, March 26

In a recent survey, only 25% of 18 to 24 year olds said they LOVE to eat this but almost 50% of the rest of us said we do.  What is it?

ANSWER: Salad 

Friday, March 23

America has about 100,000 of these and over 20% of them are in New York City.  What are they?

ANSWER: Pay phones.

Thursday, March 22

Nearly 3 quarters of people say they sleep better after doing this.  What is it?

ANSWER:  Cleaning.  Over half of people also said it made them happier!

Wednesday, March 21

According to a recent survey, you’re more likely to dream about this as you get older.  What is it?

ANSWER:  Flying. Boomers dream about it more than twice as often as Millennials do.

Tuesday, March 20

A quarter of all couples do THIS when planning their wedding.  What is it?

ANSWER: Invite people they hope won’t come

Monday, March 19

According to a new survey, 9 out of 10 people claim to have done this to their spouse.  What is it?

ANSWER: Made improvements

Friday, March 16

Fridays between 5 and 6pm is when this is most likely to happen.  What is it?

ANSWER: Road Rage

Thursday, March 15

New Hampshire is the only U.S. state where it’s still legal for an adult to do this.  What is it? 

ANSWER: Drive without a seatbelt

Wednesday, March 14

The average person spends an hour and 15 minutes doing this every day.  What is it? 

ANSWER:  Eating  

Tuesday, March 13

Last year this happened to people in their 20’s over twice as much as it did to people in their 70’s.  What is it? 

ANSWER: They lost money to a scam!  40% of people in their 20’s fell victim to a scam while only 18% of people over 70 did.  However, the older victims lost more money.

Monday, March 12

According to a study, people in San Francisco do this more than people in any major city.  People in Charleston, West Virginia do it the least.  What is it? 

ANSWER: Work!  The study tabulated hours actually doing work while on the job.

Friday, March 9

A new survey revealed that over a tenth of Americans have never done something most of us do every day…what is it?  

ANSWER: Use the Internet

Thursday, March 8

Over a quarter of students plan to do WHAT on their Spring Break?  

ANSWER: Work Extra Hours

Wednesday, March 7

Almost half of men say this happens when they get a haircut?   What is it?

ANSWER:  They get sleepy

Tuesday, March 6

Only about 10% people looking for a new home said they did this before deciding to buy.  What is it?

ANSWER: Meet the neighbors

Monday, March 5

A recent poll revealed that over half of us have asked a co-worker to do this.  What is it?

ANSWER: To go home because they’re sick

Friday, March 2

This normally lasts about a minute, but 76 years ago it took someone over six minutes to do it.  What is it?

ANSWER: Deliver an Oscar acceptance speech  At the Academy Awards in 1942, Greer Garson set the record for the longest speech when taking home her Best Actress Award for Mrs. Miniver.

Thursday, March 1

Although most of us have done this at work or school, only 2% have ever done it at home. What is it?

ANSWER: Have a fire drill

Wednesday, February 28th

37% of grooms do this at their wedding.  What is it?

ANSWER: A garter toss. Less than half of brides still do a bouquet toss.

Tuesday, February 27th

President Gerald Ford was the first to add this to the White House. What is it?

ANSWER: A swimming pool.  He added it on in 1975.

Monday, February 26th

25% of women say they won’t do this on a first date.  What is it?

ANSWER: Wear Makeup (in fact, those 25% say they’ll never wear it)

Murphy & Meg in the Morning

Murphy & Meg in the Morning

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