An 88 year-old woman is soaring through her bucket list


"If you're afraid, you only live half a life."

Those are words of wisdom from Maire Hollo, an 88-year-old woman who just checked skydiving off her bucket list.

For four years now the self-described "crazy granny" has been systematically going through a list of daring accomplishments she wants to do before she dies.

The first risky endeavor for the octogenarian was the EdgeWalk at the CN Tower, when she was 84. She had dropped hints to her daughter, Susan Hollo, who ended up gifting the experience to her mom for her birthday.

Susan said her mom has always been fearless. She pushed against the expectations of her traditional upbringing in Finland, and a controlling husband, obtaining a driver's license against his wishes. She was also the first woman on her street to wear pants.

When Hollo went to her doctor to get a letter confirming she was fit enough to jump out of a plane, he tried to talk her out of it

With her anxious family waiting on the ground, Hollo happily soared down to Earth after her daredevil jump.  Her tandem partner said she was silent the whole time, just smiling and giving the thumbs up. 

Moments after successfully touching down in a field in Baldwin, Ontario, she exclaimed, "I did it! I'm so happy. It was so quiet up there, you wouldn't believe it. Beautiful!"

Although she gave up her driver’s license two years ago, Hollo has been playing a Formula One video game at her son's house to prepare for the next event — racing a car on a closed track.

Her final piece of advice for her great-grandchildren?

"Just live your life. Be nice to people and don't hurt anybody, but do what you want to do."

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