12 Slang terms we just don't understand

I don't consider myself to be the coolest but I do try my best to keep up with the younger generations so I somewhat understand what they're talking about. Slang terms can be tough though! Even if I understand them I rarely use them since I feel like I sound dorky when they come out of my mouth. I wonder if that's how my parents felt when we were saying things like "da bomb". Here are 12 slang terms that completely baffle boomers from msn.com.

  1. Lit - means something is fantastic or excellent
  2. On Fleek - means something is perfect or flawless
  3. Ghosting - if you've been ghosted it means someone you were talking to or dating has suddenly stopped all communication without explanation
  4. Stan - means being overzealous or obsessive fan of a particular celebrity
  5. Salty - someone is salty if they're bitter or angry about something
  6. Tea - when someone says "that's the tea" it means they're dishing out gossip or truth
  7. Clapback - a quick and witty comeback usually in response to criticism
  8. G.O.A.T. - stands for "Greatest Of All Time"
  9. Bae - stands for "before anyone else" and is an affectionate term for a significant other
  10. Thirsty - means someone is overly eager or desperate, especially for attention
  11. Low-key - if someone says they're "low-key" excited it means they're subtly or slightly excited
  12. Woke - being woke means aware, especially about social and political issues

How many of these did you know? I learned quite a few from a coworker 10 years younger than me. :)

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