You can help name the new Milwaukee soccer team

I wasn't always the biggest fan of soccer but it's growing on me mainly because my husband Jaime loves it and watches it often. Oh and because of Ted Lasso. Such a great show!! Whether you're a fan or not it's pretty cool that you can help name the new Milwaukee Pro Soccer team. There's an official Name The Team campaign that will allow fans to help determine the name and brand colors through an interactive fan vote. More than 4,000 team names were originally submitted and from there team officials selected 64 names that will be part of this public vote. Voting will take place throughout the spring and summer with two matchups available daily through online voting and in-person summer activations. Voting is live now so if interested visit I saw Milwaukee Cheese is an option. I hope that one wins. :)

You can

Close up of a soccer striker ready to kicks the fiery ball at the stadium

Photo: Getty Images

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