Wisconsin's weirdest food

Far & Wide put together a list of each state's weirdest food and I was really surprised by what they chose for Wisconsin. In fact, what they consider to be a weird food, most of us find very delicious! They chose the butter burger from Culver's. I know! You're as shocked as I am. Here's what they had to say about it. "As if a cheeseburger isn't already a juicy, calorie-high creation, the people of Wisconsin had to make it even more so. Take the meat patty, and cook it in butter. Then cook onions in butter. Then spread butter onto the buns and toast, and you have a delicious butter burger."

Ok maybe not the healthiest option but definitely not the weirdest especially compared to some of the other states.

Washington - Geoduck
Arizona - Scorpion Lollipops
South Dakota - Chislic
Alaska - Akutaq
Louisiana - Nutria

There are even more weird foods from other states you can check out here. What food in Wisconsin do you think is the weirdest? Let me know by using the talkback mic when listening on the free iHeartRadio App.

Sign on building for Culver's chain restaurant for casual fast food serving butter burgers and frozen custard

Photo: Getty Images

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