Sheboygan neighborhood is getting a lift from Habitat for Humanity

For today's Make It Through Monday moment I wanted to highlight that the Gateway Neighborhood in Sheboygan will be the focus of Habitat for Humanity Lakeside's annual Rock the Block event coming up September 22, 24 and 25 according to Rock the Block is a revitalization program that offers residents a chance to partner with Habitat for Humanity Lakeside for affordable home repairs. They'll be fixing unstable porches, broken storm doors, overgrown yards, etc. This event draws a huge crowd of volunteers as well with more than 100 planning to gather to assist in these home repairs during the three-day event. It's pretty amazing to see what they can get done in just three days and at a time when materials are so expensive this will be incredibly helpful for those looking for assistance. If you're interested in volunteering you can email Click here for more info.

People painting house

Photo: Getty Images

Image: Getty

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