12 Outdated fashion rules you don't need to follow anymore

Now-a-days when it comes to fashion it seems almost anything flies. If you're someone that does like to obey the "fashion rules" though, here are 12 of them that are outdated so you don't need to follow them anymore. Thank goodness some of these have changed because otherwise I would be breaking quite a few!

  1. Denim-on-Denim is a no-no
  2. Your shoes should match your belt
  3. Don't wear white after labor day
  4. Never mix black with brown or blue
  5. No brown shoes in town
  6. No socks with sandals (wait can we keep this rule please?!)
  7. Don't mix prints
  8. Hide your ink (tattoos)
  9. No hats indoors
  10. Keep it neutral at work
  11. Sweats are sloppy
  12. Clothing is gendered

You can read more on why these are now accepted at msn.com

Rocking denim wear

Photo: Getty Images

Image: Getty

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