Things in your home to get rid of (yes it's time!)

As we head into a new season it's always a good time to take a look at your home and declutter. Even a well-organized person has things they need to get rid of so here's a list of a few things to finally get rid of to help you get started. The complete list of 65 things can be found here from

  1. Old cords
  2. Expired coupons
  3. Glasses with an outdated prescription
  4. Old sunscreen
  5. Unmatched socks - don't throw these away though! I use them for dusting and they work great!
  6. Expired spices
  7. Lidless containers
  8. Old nail polish
  9. Old pens - man do these pile up!
  10. Excess mugs
Hand holding garbage in plastic bag

Photo: Getty Images

Image: Getty

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