11 Everyday items you don't wash nearly enough

These items not being washed often enough has nothing to do with us not being cleanly people and everything to do with us just not thinking about these items. For example, I've very good about washing the clothes I work out in because it's very obvious I need to wash them after every use. The refrigerator water dispenser is just not on my radar so I don't think about how often I should really be cleaning it. The one item on this list I know I don't clean enough is my make-up brushes. I have to get better at that. Here are 11 every day items we don't wash nearly enough. Which ones from the list do you often forget to clean?

  1. Refrigerator water dispenser
  2. Dishcloths
  3. Mops and brooms
  4. Remote controls
  5. Your hands
  6. Light switches
  7. Make-up brushes
  8. Bras
  9. Steering wheels
  10. Toilet brush handles
  11. Toothbrushes

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Unrecognizable man filling glass from refrigerator water dispenser

Photo: Getty Images

Image: Getty

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