Milwaukee Mom starts Facebook group to help parents find baby formula

The baby formula shortage is a real thing. I was at a grocery store over the weekend and the woman in front of me in line was talking about how they found some in New Berlin so her daughter was driving from a few hours away to come get it. I can't imagine what these parents are going through right now worried they aren't going to be able to provide for their kids. For my Make It Through Monday moment today I wanted to share this wonderful story about a Milwaukee woman who created a community of parents to help lessen the fear. After driving around to many stores looking for formula, Samantha Wiegele decided it would be easier to reach out to other people so she created the Facebook page Milwaukee Formula Parents. It was originally created with just her friends in mind but the page has grown and people are now posting daily about in-stock formula they are finding at stores nearby. If you see any please feel free to post on the page. You can read more from WISN 12 Milwaukee here.

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