LIST: Banished words and terms for 2022

Following tradition, Lake Superior State University has listed ten words/phrases it deemed misused, overused and useless for 2022 and personally I think they nailed it! Quite a few on the list I find I use way too much so I'm going to try to cut back. Any words or phrases you'd add to the list?

  1. Wait, what? - Yes, this is one I use way too often. I'll try to cut back in 2022 but sometimes it's just the prefect response. What can I replace it with?
  2. No worries - Are you surprised to see this one on the list? I'm not. My aunt taught me a while ago that saying no worries is NOT the same as saying you're welcome. Since then I always you're welcome when someone says thank you.
  3. At the end of the day - This phrase was banished back in 1999 and it turns out we're still overusing it!
  4. That being said - Turns out this one is on the list because people feel it is just filler. However, but and even that said are better options they claim.
  5. Asking for a friend - I agree with this one 100%. Used way too much this year. At first it was funny and I jumped on board but then it was used all over social media and it got old really quickly in my opinion.
  6. Circle back - Apparently this one is overused in business. I don't use it very often so no opinion here.
  7. Deep Dive - These two words make my stomach flip. In radio, other people in our industry listen to our radio station and critique it and it's called a "deep dive." Usually we get great feedback but it's always nerve-racking when you find out it's going to happen.
  8. New Normal - I'm over anything COVID related at this point.
  9. You're on mute - This one made me laugh. No explanation needed on this one. Right along these line are "can you see my screen."
  10. Supply chain - This started being used closer to the end of the year and blew up quickly. People were starting to blame everything on the supply chain. I'm waiting for some workout pants I ordered back in November and the shipping is still pending.
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